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Future of K-20 Education – NEASC

“Our children are not necessarily poorly educated— they have been miseducated— we have educated them for an economy that may or may not exist anymore.” -Zhao In attending the NEASC annual conference for the first time, I expected to hear

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Analytics and institutional strategic planning – research synopsis

As I prepare for an upcoming SCUP North Atlantic presentation on blended learning and planning, I’m reviewing the literature on learning analytics and its influence on  planning. This article: Numbers Are Not Enough. Why e-Learning Analytics Failed to Inform an

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Self- Assessment and Self-Remediation – 1st Post

In this first week of this #rhizo14 experience, I’ve had a few modest goals. I thought it was interesting how many people defined their role in the MOOC as “cheating” because they were lurking and would be picking and choosing

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Degree Hack

Earlier in the week, I re-read the initial post by ralfe poisson and his verbiage around gaining “advantage by using unfair methods.”  ralfe mentioned hacks and here I will share an example of a Degree Hack (borrowing slashdot’s label) .

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Efficacy and the Big Picture

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I thought about a presentation from Ted Frick that I saw in about 2006 about what basically amounts to educational AI.  All at once, I was overwhelmed with both the magnitude of what

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The Relationship Assumption

Joshua Kim’s latest post on 7 EdTech Assumptions has a lot of fodder for discussion, but one of the assumptions that really struck a nerve for me was “the relationship assumption.” He writes, This is the idea that authentic learning

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