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Future of K-20 Education – NEASC

“Our children are not necessarily poorly educated— they have been miseducated— we have educated them for an economy that may or may not exist anymore.” -Zhao In attending the NEASC annual conference for the first time, I expected to hear

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Analytics and institutional strategic planning – research synopsis

As I prepare for an upcoming SCUP North Atlantic presentation on blended learning and planning, I’m reviewing the literature on learning analytics and its influence on  planning. This article: Numbers Are Not Enough. Why e-Learning Analytics Failed to Inform an

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Making learning visible and connectivism

I’ve stepped out of the twitter conversations a bit, or a lot, and f I haven’t done as much reading and following along with the conversation as I would like, so apologies to the #rhizo14 community. I read Simon’s blog

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Uncertainty, redefining “failure,” and the importance of prototypes

As I caught up with tweets and blog posts after taking a few days away, I saw the word failure crop up quite a bit. [View the story “#rhizo14 and failure – week 3” on Storify] I particularly loved @cris2B

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Outliers and Alzheimers

Last weekend, I suddenly craved reading some good old-fashioned print books. As the weekend got started, I felt like I really should be doing something besides reading electronic sources, so when we went to the library, I picked up two

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Enforced independence – Week 2

Self-motivation, self-regulation, ownership of learning — these are all characteristics of effective learners. As Dave notes in the introduction to the week, the goal would be to have learners who say, “I don’t know what this is, I’m going to

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